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barattolo rosso che simulava rosa sulle sue perle. Le sue labbra si muovevano senza interruzione. Mi avvicinai per ascoltare. E ha gettato - e lanciato - e ha gettato, ha ripetuto, la sua faccia tutta tagliente con un'agonia inspiegabile.Io avanzò stupito. Ma fu allora che trovò le parole - consegnate in modo tondo e chiaro. Questi: - E gettarono calde gule sul giovane seno di Madeleine. Il guaio si spense, e tornò leggero al suo posto, sfregandosi le mani. Non mi era mai passato in mente, anche se avevamo più volte discusso di letture e gare a premi. come diversivo, che il signor Shaynor abbia mai letto Keats, o potrebbe citarlo in modo appropriato.

C'era, dopo tutto, un certo effetto di luce macchiata di vetro sull'alto seno della raffinata immagine che, per uno scherzo di fantasia, poteva suggerire, come un vile cromo ricorda una tela incomparabile, la frase che aveva pronunciato. La notte, il mio drink e la solitudine stavano evidentemente trasformando il signor Shaynor in un poeta. Si sedette di nuovo e scrisse rapidamente la sua cattiva carta da lettere, con le labbra tremanti. Chiusi la porta nell'ufficio interno e salii dietro di lui. Non ha fatto segno di aver visto o sentito. Guardai da sopra la sua spalla e lessi, tra parole semi-formate, frasi e graffi selvaggi: ---- Era molto freddo. Molto freddo La lepre - la lepre - la lepre - Gli uccelli ---- Alzò bruscamente la
up, a giant appeared great woman. "What's up?" She said. "Good morning, I'm thirsty and hungry, can I ask for some food?" Well, you're so polite. Get in! Eat inside, yes! "Said the lady friendly. While eating, suddenly a loud footsteps came, Duk Duk! It turned out to be the husband of the woman who came, the Giant of the Eating Man. "Son, hurry up! My husband comes in. "" Huaaa .... I'm home. Quickly prepare! "Cried the giant, holding her breath in the furnace, the giant suddenly smelled of humanity and then peered into the furnace, quickly said," That's the smell of the man we burned yesterday. Stay calm. The food was ready. "After eating, the giant pulled out his bag with his stolen gold money, after a long counting he felt very tired, and soon afterwards he fell asleep because of his tiredness. back, he took the giant's stolen gold money as he strode toward the pea tree, Jack went down the nut tree and finally got home.

Mom ... look at this gold. From now on we become rich. "" You can not get this much money easily. What are you doing? "Then Jack told all the events to his mother." You're too brave Jack! What if the giant came to take it back, "her mother said worryingly, since she was getting gold, Jack had just relaxed her stolen money for some time. to the palace. "Eh you come again. What's wrong? "Said the giant's wife." Good afternoon Mom. Since I had not eaten from the morning, my stomach was so hungry. "The good mom was silent, but he still gave Jack lunch, Suddenly ... Duk Duk! There was a giant footsteps as Jack used to hide in He went to his house, the giant ate it, and then laid his stolen chicken on the table saying, "Chicken, remove your golden egg." Then the cock crowed,
walt pincher(non-registered)
I've heard about you and your work and had to check your site. Liked what I saw!
Maria Mead(non-registered)
So happy to have met you Jenn. I love your photos, especially the cowboys. The pictures you make are as vibrant as the person you are. They are stunning!
Maria Mead
susan delaney(non-registered)
It was nice to meet you at Myakka..I love sharing shots and stories with fellow photographers..Your collection is quite impressive and I enjoyed the wildlife as this is my favorite subject to capture...Keep up the awesomeness..<3
Russell Mander(non-registered)
Hi Jenn it was great to have met you at The Midland Game Fair and I hope you get the Pictures you are after of the RUT, after checking Bradgate Park is still the best place to go if you can get the permit, let me know if you get any good shots of Fellow Deer .

All of your pictures are great ,but my favourites by far are the stunning pictures of the Horses and cowboys they take me back to the OLD WEST thank you .

Kind Regards
Russell Mander
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